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Private Taxi To & From Ashford Airport (LYX):

London Ashford Airport, also known as Lydd Airport was the first airport built in the United Kingdom after the Second World War. This was in 1956 and was used initially for air ferry services.

These days, there are two airlines making use of the airport: Bin Air with chartered freight to Ostend and Lyddair, whose destination is Le Touquet.

This airport caters to travelers going mostly to the southeast end of England. London Ashford Airport Transfers are usually by bus, car, taxi and train.


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Ashford Airport (LYX) Transfers via private cars

The London Ashford Airport offers various services. For their aviation services, they have ground handling equipment, aircraft maintenance, filming, hangarage, aircraft cleaning and long term parking. For their business aviation they have passenger screening, executive handling, in-flight catering and charter brokers.

And they also have cargo and freight services. So as can be seen, this airport is fully utilized everyday which means that if one’s choice for London Ashford Airport Transfers is buses and trains then they can be sure that there won’t be a lot of empty passenger seats in these rides.

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So with these things in consideration, the best way to conduct London Ashford Airport Transfers would be through cars and taxis. But putting practicality in the equation, using a car has its setbacks for London Ashford Airport Transfers.

For one thing, if one is travelling, this means that either they will have to leave their car in the airport parking lot or have someone drive them to and from the airport. And to most people, they would rather not deal with the inconveniences that these would mean.

Which is why for London Ashford Airport Transfers, most people would go for a taxi. This is very convenient for them for a number of reasons. For one thing, they would not have to bother anyone to take them to and from the airport.

For another, unlike with the bus or train, they no longer need to go to the terminal or station since the taxi can pick them up from their homes. And the best part is that they can book a taxi online through sites like

We offer the best taxi experience

How to get our fast transfer service

Book your online reservation in advance, so your taxi will be waiting for you at the airport arrivals the moment you arrive. You can pay us directly via PayPal or credit card.

We will send you a confirmation email containing your booking details. You will be asked to verify if all the information about your transfer is correct. It will also include our hotline number, so you can contact us.

We only need a minimum of an hour to process your reservation and booking.

Also, if you need to move your schedule or cancel your booking, you do not have to pay any amount as long as you do it at least an hour before your original schedule.

An interesting fact about sites like these is that when one books a taxi with them they won’t get the kinds which are usually seen roaming the streets.

Instead, they will get the chance to pick from a wide array of cars from Mercedes to BMWs. In this way, their airport transfers won’t just be done in comfort but also in style.