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Private Taxi To & From Biggin Hill Airport (BQH):

London Biggin Hill Airport (BQH) has been immortalized in pop culture as the airport where Sir Teabing, from the bestseller novel The Da Vinci Code, landed his private jet.

And this is quite consistent with the services that this airport provides, seeing as they have a hangarage, where one can park their private jet until they feel the need to use it.

And while as there might not be airline passengers commuting to London Biggin Hill Airport, the London Biggin Hill Airport Transfers are quite busy nonetheless. This is due to the fact that while no passenger airline makes use of this airport, it is busy thanks to the many services it provides.

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Biggin Hill Airport (BQH) Transfers via private cars

Historically speaking, Biggin Hill was known during the Second World War as fighter bases protecting London and the south of England from enemy bombers. Today though, it has come to specialize in general aviations.

The services provided by this airport include aircraft charter, aircraft catering, aircraft respray, aircraft cleaning, business aviation maintenance, freight transport, flight planning, general aviation maintenance, helicopter charter and hangarage.

So it goes without saying that despite the lack of airline passengers, businesses that are London Biggin Hill Airport Transfers based are never idle.

We offer the best taxi experience

London Biggin Hill Airport Transfers are usually by bus, car, taxi and train. It must be noted though that to get to the bus terminal or train station, one would still have to hire a taxi.

So it goes without saying that for London Biggin Hill Airport Transfers, taxis make an ideal ride.

After all, not only is one assured of getting to their destination at the shortest possible time with a taxi, they are also given the added benefit of a hassle free travel and being delivered to the doorstep of their destination.

We offer the best taxi experience

How to get our fast transfer service

Book your online reservation in advance, so your taxi will be waiting for you at the airport arrivals the moment you arrive. You can pay us directly via PayPal or credit card.

We will send you a confirmation email containing your booking details. You will be asked to verify if all the information about your transfer is correct. It will also include our hotline number, so you can contact us.

Should one make the right choice and opt for a taxi for their London Biggin Hill Airport Transfer, things can be made even easier for them with the use of the internet.

Travelers going to and from the airport can book their taxi through websites like which are private taxi hire.

Sites like these not only offer taxi services but give one the option of picking the car from a wide array of choices for whatever their needs might be.

This means that not only can they leave or arrive at the airport in comfort; if they choose to they can also do so in style.